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Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert

Why should you work with a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert

Adding to my 17 years of experience and certifications, I am proud to say that I am a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert (CDRE®). Being a CDRE® puts me at the top 1% of agents when assisting with real property matters, before, during, and after divorce.

A Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert (CDRE®) is a Realtor who has passed a rigorous and continual certification program by attorneys, mediators, certified mortgage professionals, real estate professionals, and judicial officers. As a crossover between real estate and family law, a CDRE® handles the sale of real property in divorce cases as a neutral expert. Attorneys and divorcing clients can count on me, as a CDRE®, to help resolve their cases.

This intensive training program,  combined with continual case studies & mastermind sessions, has given me the skills necessary to be a true, unbiased, neutral third party during the home sale & divorce process. During this additional training, I completed the following courses with the Ilumni Institute:

  • The Anatomy of Divorce

  • Divorce Finance

  • Divorce Court & The Real Estate Professional 

  • Ethics of CDREs

  • Bias, Neutrality, & Communication

  • The Divorce Listing Process

If anything like my own, Divorce can cause difficult and dark times. In many cases, the home is the most significant asset that needs to be divided, creating around 70% of divorces to have property issues. Navigating these trying times can be made easier when an agent prioritizes remaining an unbiased & neutral third party by advancing their knowledge, experience, and skills in this area.

Furthermore, I have also received Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice Training and am a member of the Oregon Association of Collaborative Professionals. This training includes:

● Standards set by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP)

● Introduction to Collaborative Law

● Creating the team, preparing the clients

● Standards and Ethics

● Allied professional’s role in the process

As you can see by my bona fides, I am unmatched in my training and experience to assist you with the sale of your home, whether you are experiencing a high conflict situation where restraining orders have been implemented, or a Collaborative divorce where a conscious decoupling is your number one priority. 

These classes, along with my traditional real estate knowledge, experience, and services, allow for advanced negotiation skills for all types of property transactions.

My goal is to raise the standard of ethics and neutrality for divorce home sales and to maximize the spouses equity potential when selling the marital home. 

If there are any questions, feel free to private message me, contact me by cell, or email me.


You Deserve a Neutral Expert

Neutrality: the cornerstone of the CDRE training. 

Certified Divorce Real Estate Experts undergo extensive training in navigating the complex issues that often accompany divorce and real estate.

The CDRE abides by the highest standards in the real estate industry with a unique Code of Ethics

Our Services

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Neutral Expert Broker Price Opinions

The parties agree to hire the CDRE to develop a comprehensive Broker Price Opinion based on a Comparative Market Analysis. The report also includes title documents to confirm property vesting, mortgage information and a Sellers Net Sheet that details what the expected fees and costs will be associated with the sale of the home. This report generally costs $400 and includes:

  • An intake phone call with each party

  • A walkthrough of the home, taking pictures to document property condition.

  • Collection of market data and analysis

  • Detailed Report that can be shared with counsel and mortgage lender

  • A video review of the findings with each couple, together, in mediation or separately. 


Neutral Expert Listing and  Sale 

The CDRE provides thorough and professional listing preparation and sale services as described here

The CDRE also adheres to a strict communication and conflict management process that limits the parties interaction, and ensures that all vendors and service providers follow the court orders, settlement agreements, stipulated judgements, restraining orders, etc...

We understand how important every dollar of equity you have is, and we strive to maximize the sale proceeds.  


Expert Testimony 

Under certain conditions, the CDRE can be hired to provide expert testimony. There are half day and full day rates. Consultation regarding these services is required prior to sharing pricing. 

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