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What a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert is

As a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert (CDRE), Dale Carstensen is an expert in the field of family law who is specifically trained to support the real estate needs in a case. 


Coupled by his own 15+ years of Real Estate experience with the CDRE©️ specialty training and unique Code of Ethics, you will see his experience exceed in every category:

  • Conflict mitigation

  • Judicial economy is promoted

  • Lawyers are prepared and informed

  • Clients are represented by a trained neutral

To become a CDRE, his experience and knowledge was vetted by Illumni Institute's rigorous application and interview process. Once accepted into Illumni's CDRE©️ program, he was taught by a faculty of family law attorneys, mediators, certified mortgage professionals, and real estate experts to become the best person in the area to handle your family law real estate matters. He also joined a small group of committed professionals in Illumni's Master Club for continued learning and support. 

CDRE's offer three main services to the family law community and their clients:

1. Education: Real estate is in constant flux, and the state of the real estate market and trends impact how cases are handled. As a CDRE, Dale will consistently provide you with:

  • Real estate market data and trends​

  • Lessons from cases that everyone can learn from

  • Nuances of the real estate / divorce crossover​

2. Resources: Every case with real property will need information. Dale can be your one resource for all things real estate, including:​

  • ​Title Documents: legal descriptions, deeds, property profiles​

  • Market Pricing Opinions: sight unseen and full reports, supported by expert testimony

  • Challenges: foreclosures, equity buy-out questions, liens, creative settlement structures

3. Divorce Listings: The listing of a house in a divorce case presents many challenges that CDREs are trained to handle, including:​

  • Mutual agreement on pricing, offers, showings, terms

  • Sale Sabotage

  • Court orders and proceeds distribution 

  • Temporary Restraining Orders

The CDRE's Code of Ethics

A CDRE is an active Realtor who has expanded duty to the Court, over and above their fiduciary duty defined by Oregon's Civil Code and the ethical standards set forth by the National Association of Realtors.

  1. A CDRE shall maintain an active real estate license in good standing in any state in which they do business, without any disciplinary actions against their license.

  2. A CDRE shall maintain active membership with the National Association of REALTORS.

  3. A CDRE shall adhere to the National Association of REALTORS Code of Ethics.

  4. A CDRE shall always collaborate with, support, and assist their fellow CDREs and Ilumni Institute, except when doing so would not be in the best interests of their clients.

  5. A CDRE shall affirmatively seek opportunities to teach and educate the family law community about real estate matters as they relate to divorce.

  6. A CDRE shall not, either personally or through control of a "team," represent the Buyer in a divorce listing.

  7. A CDRE shall maintain an arm's length distance between clients, buyers, settlement services, and cooperative agents in a divorce transaction.

  8. A CDRE shall not seek or voluntarily acquire any vested interest in the purchase of divorce properties for personal or investment purposes.

  9. A CDRE shall not represent either divorcing partner in another transaction during the life of the divorce listing.

  10. A CDRE shall hold the best interests of the divorcing family as primary and shall not allow the sale to be more important than the family's best interests.

  11. A CDRE shall not receive or give referral fees, or "kickbacks," for attorney referrals.

  12. A CDRE shall not take a listing outside of one's scope of expertise.

  13. A CDRE shall maintain clients' confidentiality from the general public at all times, beyond the life of the transaction.

  14. A CDRE shall adhere to the Culture and Values of the Ilumni Institute at all times and act as an ambassador for the real estate industry to the larger family law community.

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