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Exclusive Services

Who pays for your agent? Both the Buyer's agent and Seller's agent are paid by the Seller from a commission on the sale price of their home. As a Buyer, your agent comes free of charge!

Reach out today for a free consultation and market update.

I Listen.

  • I am uniquely savvy by being equal parts matchmaker and business person.

  • I listen deeply and support your choices. I care about finding your perfect place and offer expert representation.


Customized expertise.

  • I'll consider your budget, location, size and style to ensure the homes we look at are meet your individual needs, wants, and the particulars of your lifestyle.

  • Whatever you're seeking, I'll select just those options that are right for you.

  • I'll be in constant communication with your lender. If you do not have a lender, I have a few select professionals that I can refer you to depending on your specific needs and communication style.


Make an Offer

  • When you've found The One, we'll sit down together and write up a Sale Agreement, a.k.a. "An Offer".

  • It typically takes 30-45 days form the date the offer is presented to the date the deal closes. The time may be longer or shorter, depending upon you and the Seller's needs.

  • We present your offer to the Seller via their Agent. We sometimes send a personal letter from the Buyer to the Seller, to help create a relationship. We may also present your offer in person if the Seller allows.

  • If a Seller wants to alter the offer, we negotiate on your behalf to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.



  • The clock starts on the Inspection Period the first business day after Buyer and Seller both accept the contract terms. Typically you'll have ten business days to inspect the home and negotiate details, depending on contract specifics.

  • I strive to find the best inspectors in the industry to work with. I will give you custom advice for which inspections you should get to maximize your budget.

  • You may need specialized contractors brought in to further evaluate items flagged on the inspection report. I have developed relationships with all sorts of contractors and specialists in our market. Whether it's a structural engineer or an electrican, a roofer or a plumber, the professionals I recommend are detail oriented and appropriately licensed, bonded, and insured.

  • The title documents will be reviewed by me personally. Sometimes items on the report need to be scrutinized by an attorney, I'll help you find the best one to perform that task, at an affordable price.

  • Home Owners Association documents and budgets need to be reviewed as well. I'll insure all documents are delivered to you on time and are analyzed by the appropriate professional.



  • If the inspections reveal conditions that you wish the Seller to address, I'll negotiate fiercely and professionally to get you best deal with the Seller.

  • Whether it's a closing cost credit or a repair to be done before closing, I'll advice you on which path forward will give you the best value.


Closing Coordination:

  • I'll coordinate escrow,  financing, and closing activities on your behalf to ensure a smooth, hassle-free closing.

Let's Work Together

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